Opening day of the 70mm Film Festival

by Dave Jennings Friday, February 15th, 2013 9:35am Part of the At the Movies seriesPart of the Our Theatre series

On this opening day of our 70mm Film Festival I want to share with you a bunch of short videos you have to watch on your computer screen, perhaps just so you are more appreciative of film when you come to the Music Box this week.

I don’t blog very often. I used to, but I got out of practice. I used to have a writing teacher who encouraged the entire class to start a blog. It was his belief that we could not call ourselves writers unless we wrote. It did not matter what we wrote or where we wrote it — but we had to write. It was part of the deal we had to make with ourselves if we were going to try the path we were embarking on. “Actors act, Singers sing, writers have to write. Don’t walk into a Starbucks and call yourself a writer. Just sit down and write.” Since giving up on my blog I have continued to write in other avenues. I still write the occasional script. I have about 20,000 words of a book burning a hole in my laptop. I write film descriptions for the Music Box Theatre quarterly calendar (sometimes when I have not yet seen the film). I write about 75-100 emails a day. I wish I was a blogger. I wish I had the time and energy to write more.

This post is not really about blogging or writing… it’s about sharing. When we added the possibility of blog posts to our website I wanted an easy way to share important information about our programming, events, and all sorts of things. I didn’t want an opportunity to ponder film, talk about my work, or even share things that I found interesting. Today though, I want to do all of that. My co-worker and friend Doug McLaren has programmed one hell of a 70mm Film Festival. I am really proud of him. I am proud of our organization, and I am excited about the next two weeks. I am thankful to our customer service staff, our projectionists, our Head Programmer, Brian Andreotti — and everyone who makes our company hum along and allow us to put together a really important festival.

So, here are some things I want you to see today and get into the spirit of the Music Box Theatre 70mm Film Festival:

Y’all ready for this?

Take a look at the Vertigo poster on this page. It was created by a staffer at the MBT named Andy Berlin. He’s one of the night managers. He is also a filmmaker, an artist, and a great person. This poster and two others will be on sale at the Music Box. Quantities are limited. You can see all three of them on Facebook here:

Here was our first 70mm Film Festival Trailer that we released last week. I love it. A big thanks to Erik for doing this.

Ok, even though we are saddened about the print quality of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang it is still one of my favorite films. I want you to see what an amazing guy Dick Van Dyke still is. He proves that great performers who are agile in their youth and take care of themselves can continue to perform long into their life:

Ok, so we have a sense of humor. We took that first 70mm trailer and started to play the “Chitty Chitty” song under it. Try it yourself. It times perfectly. Seeing Jimmy Stewart collapse at the same time there is a “Bang Bang” is awesome. Erik then edited together another video with this in mind that got a little dark… but we loved it even more!

Yesterday the Chicago Tribune released their first internet movie review. They talked about Die Hard and our festival. My friends know how much I love the first Die Hard film. I will talk through it as a college lecturer any time I can. I am excited to see the new one. Next week, maybe the week after… I will make my way to a competing cinema and watch the film. I will be excited. I will relive the experience of seeing Die Hard again, and I hope that “Ode to Joy” is used throughout the film. But the great thing about this 22-minute video released by the Chicago Tribune is that you get to see a conversation between three great film industry people in Chicago. Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips hosts reporters Nina Metz and Chris Borrelli to discuss Bruce Willis’s return to the role of John McClane in A Good Day to Die Hard. Other topics covered include violence in entertainment, and our 70mm Film Festival. Please watch this. Please share this. Please support this new endeavor by the Tribune.

Finally, I want to share with you today’s final 70mm Film Festival Trailer… again, y’all ready for this?


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