Questions Answered: Special Advance Screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel

by Dave Jennings Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 3:54pm Part of the Our Theatre series

We got inundated with emails, phone calls, and RSVP’s in the first 20 minutes of the event being live. We are still digging out of it right now. We know this stressed a lot of people out and not everyone got tickets to the event that wanted in. RSVP’s went quick. Here are the questions we have gotten and answers for you:

Hello and thank you for your questions about the Special Advance Screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel with Q&A with dir. Wes Anderson.

I didn’t get a ticket, can I still get in? No. Sorry. All RSVPs have been claimed. We have taken more RSVP’s than we can accommodate for the event. It is hard to say how quickly tickets were claimed, but they are gone now.

I spent an hour clicking “Refresh” and I didn’t get in! We are really sorry for people who spent a long time clicking and trying. We can’t fix that. It was a hot ticket. The internet can only work so fast. We are really sorry.

I was on the site right at noon, how is it possible I did not get in? Turns out, you were one of thousands of people trying to get in. We know it sucks.

Did an internet Bot take all the tickets? Nope. We limited the tickets to up to 2 RSVP’s. We have looked at the entire list and do not see any apparent bots. Really, it looks like 1,000’s of people were trying to get in. We got hundreds of tweets, messages, and emails… and phone calls about this event leading up and immediately following the on sale time.

Why were you not prepared for this? Trust us, we were as prepared as possible for this. Our phones rang, our emails filled, and all tickets went crazy.

I would like to buy tickets on Craigslist. What do you think of that? Please don’t. It is probably a scam. If you find some on Craigslist, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and he will end this. That just takes the fun away from everyone.

Is there a waitlist? No. Sorry.

I got a ticket, but my friend did not, what do I do? Well, you can go alone, or return your ticket. We cannot get anyone else in.

When you say “overbooked” what do you mean? We put about 20% over capacity out there for RSVPs. Seating is not guaranteed.

Why would you overbook this event? We do this a lot for free events. When we have a special guest, we want to ensure a full theatre and hat we have found is that when we overbook an event we get the right number of people who actually show up. People have emergencies and family issues, or just decide not to come cause it’s cold the day of, and they end up not getting to the theatre for the actual event.

Should I show up and try to get in if I do not have a ticket? No. We do not recommend it. Especially given the overflow of activity that froze our site and Eventbrite, we expect most/all of those who RSVP’d to show up.

Why did we do a free give away—I would have PAID to see this? This was a free event per studio requirement. The film has not opened yet and this is a special advance screening.

Is there any way I can get in? We will be releasing 100 festival passes for the entire series. Pass holders who show up 30 minutes in advance of the screenings will get in. There will be a separate holding area for those 100 pass holders. These passes will go on sale on Wednesday, February 26th at noon through the Music Box Website by clicking here: or directly through our ticketing site:

Do you expect these Series Passes to sell out? Yep. Really quickly.

I was on the Event page at 12:00 and all I got was notification that the event was pending…. What did that mean? Well, at 12:00noon every ticket was suddenly claimed. Seriously. Thousands of people tried to RSVP for tickets at the same time.

How is it possible that you are really sold out? You have 750 seats? Well… it happens. Wes Anderson is a very popular director.

Why didn’t you tell us pending meant sold out? Well, it didn’t mean sold out. It meant that the system was trying to work out all the requests at the same time. Hence: pending.

I have a print out that says my tickets are pending, does that mean I get in? Only confirmed ticket holders who get confirmation emails from Eventbrite will get in. We will also have lists of confirmed ticket holders. You must bring a print out of your confirmation.

I “Saved” the event, does that work? Only confirmed ticket holders who get confirmation emails from Eventbrite will get in. We will also have lists of confirmed ticket holders. You must bring a print out of your confirmation.

I am coming from a long distance and I do not have an RSVP, can I get in? No. Please do not drive 100 miles to try to get in. It would break our heats to have to turn you away. But we will do it if we have to. Please don’t do it.

I am driving from a long distance and have an RSVP, what time should I arrive? We would suggest arriving 60-90 minutes before the screening. We will open the doors 30 minutes before the screening. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE REALLY EARLY AND WAIT OUTSIDE. It is going to be cold. Be safe and healthy. There are more important things in life.

Can I volunteer to get into this event? No. Sorry. We have had lots of people ask this. We cannot take volunteers for any of our events.

Are you going to add another screening? No. We cannot. There are lots of other Wes Anderson films that you can see, but unfortunately this was the only screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel we could do. The film opens on March 14th.

Will you be releasing more tickets in the future? No, every RSVP that is available has been claimed.

So, again, we are sorry not everyone can get in. We put together some great events and we know that people love them. It seriously does break our hearts that not everyone can get in. If we could accommodate everyone, we would. Please keep liking us on Facebook, Twitter, and reading our emails for the next awesome thing we have going on.

We do appreciate everyone who contacted us and were polite and understanding of the situation. Thank you for being awesome patrons.

Our best wishes,

Dave, Buck, Doug, Brian, and the entire Music Box Theatre Team


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