by Dave Jennings Monday, April 18th, 2011 4:53pm

It’s rare that we have to cancel a film screening, but in this case Warner Brothers has pulled all available prints and cancelled all screenings of WILLY WONKA until late Fall 2011. We’ll explain what the deal is here….

We were really excited to screen WILLY WONKA for Easter weekend. We had everything planned… everyone was going to get gift bags of stuff, there was to be preshow singing… all sorts of cool stuff. After we had booked the 35 mm print of the film, after we had announced it in our calendar, after we had printed 29,000 copies of that calendar, and after we had all been running around the Music Box Theatre singing “I’ve got a golden ticket” we got a really difficult call from Warner Brothers.

See, we had booked, confirmed, and planned for two films on this calendar that were celebrating 40 years— WILLY WONKA and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. WB sees this as an awesome opportunity to do some special stuff with these films this Fall. So, in order to make that happen, they don’t want to have any screenings of either film for the foreseeable future.

To say the least, several of us went out and chose to deal with the pain by consuming fizzy lifting drinks.

So, we tried to pull something else together. We tried to get another musical to put in it’s place, but it was too much. We could not pull it together. We could not get a print of another musical that would bring in an audience and we could make enough money to cover costs. We failed. We are really sorry folks. We fall on the sword. We wish it could happen, we hope that we can arrange something for Easter for 2012.


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Thu 21 Apr 2011

Why not “the sound of music “?

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Fri 06 May 2011

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