Opens: Tue 10 May, 7:00pm

Field Trips: Cinema Science with the Field Museum!

Tuesday 10 May 2016

The Field Museum heads to the Music Box Theatre on a few field trips! These educational and entertaining events combine film and cinema and go behind Hollywood. Join us to delve into the reality and science behind the silver screen!

Upcoming Events:
The Messenger – Tuesday, May 10th at 7pm

Join The Field Museum at the Music Box Theatre for a special series of film screenings dedicated to diving into the science behind some of Hollywood’s greatest blockbusters. For each of these screenings The Field Museum will bring science professionals and lecturers to the Music Box Theatre to introduce the films and provide a forum for discussion following the film. So grab your backpack and your notebook for this amazing series that partners two great Chicago Institutions!


The Messenger – Tuesday, May 10th at 7pm
Featuring a discussion with Dr. Peter Marra, Director of Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

Dr. Peter Marra is the Director of Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center in Washington D.C. In his 17 years with the Smithsonian, he has become an international leader in avian conservation science focusing particularly on the ecology of migratory birds, urban ecosystem ecology, and disease ecology.


Tuesday, May 10th

  • 7:00pm: The Messenger


Tickets are $11 each
Music Box Member Tickets are $7


The Messenger (2015)

directed by Su Rynard in English

Su Rynard’s wide-ranging and contemplative documentary The Messenger explores our deep-seated connection to birds and warns that the uncertain fate of songbirds might mirror our own. Moving from the northern reaches of the Boreal Forest to the base of Mount Ararat in Turkey to the urban streets of New York, The Messenger brings us face-to-face with a remarkable variety of human-made perils that have devastated thrushes, warblers, orioles, tanagers, grosbeaks and many other airborne music-makers. These include hunting, light pollution, high-rise collisions, pipelines, pesticides and loss of migratory habitats. On one level The Messenger is the artful story about the mass depletion of songbirds on multiple continents, and about those who are working to turn the tide. According to international expert Dr. Bridget Stutchbury, who is featured in the documentary, we may have lost almost half the songbirds that filled the skies fifty years ago. On another level, The Messenger is an engaging, visually stunning, three-act emotional journey, one that mixes its elegiac message with hopeful notes and unique glances into the influence of songbirds on our own expressions of the soul.

Ultimately, The Messenger is about what the birds have to tell us about the state of our planet and our shared future. In the words of Boreal biologist Erin Bayne, “Could we live without birds? We don’t really know for sure… That’s one of the fundamental concerns when you play with nature, pull one piece out, and maybe that’s a pivotal piece, we just don’t know.”

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