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Second Saturday Silent Cinema

1 January - Wednesday 31 December 2014

A tribute to silent film that only the Music Box can offer! Named by Chicago Magazine as the Best New Film Series of 2011. Now presented on the second Saturday of every month at noon!

As part of the Music Box’s commitment to screening classic films, we are delighted to announce what we hope to be an annual series of silent films. Thanks to a number of improvements during the past year, we believe there’s no better place in Chicago to see silent film! We want to share that experience with you throughout 2013 with a special monthly silent film series. Our excellent house organist Dennis Scott will be accompanying all films.


Saturday, March 8th

  • 12:00pm: Sadie Thompson

Saturday, April 12th

  • 12:00pm: Charlie Chaplin’s 100th Anniversary

Saturday, May 10th

  • 12:00pm: The Battleship Potemkin


  • Tickets $10 each, $8 for students and seniors


Sat 8 Mar, 12:00pm

Sadie Thompson (1928)

directed by Raoul Walsh starring Gloria Swanson, Lionel Barrymore

A landmark of the silent era starring Gloria Swanson and Lionel Barrymore, this film’s greatest achievement is its uncompromising translation of Somerset Maugham’s controversial story Miss Thompson, about a wayward San Francisco prostitute and a South Pacific reformer. Swanson maintained that the film’s silence was its greatest asset, for the churches and the Hays office could not censor what they couldn’t hear! Neglected and forgotten over the years, Sadie Thompson has emerged as an important triumph of the silent era and as Swanson’s greatest performance.

Sat 12 Apr, 12:00pm

Charlie Chaplin’s 100th Anniversary (-)

starring Charlie Chaplin

In 1914 a funny looking and very annoying man wearing a bowler hat and a cane wandered into The Kid Auto Races in Venice, California and ended up delighting the admittedly confused crowd with his antics. This early version of guerrilla filmmaking was the very first appearance of Charlie Chaplin as his “Tramp” character. In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of “The Tramp”, we’ve put together a program of Chaplin’s early shorts, including KID AUTO RACES!
The full lineup includes:
Kid Auto Races
The New Janitor
Mabel’s Married Life
The Floorwalker
The Immigrant

Sat 10 May, 12:00pm

The Battleship Potemkin (1925)

directed by Sergei M. Eisenstein starring Aleksandr Antonov, Vladimir Barsky and Grigori Aleksandrov

For eight decades, Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 masterpiece has remained one of the most influential silent films of all time — yet each successive generation has seen BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN subjected to censorship and recutting, its unforgettable power diluted in unauthorized public domain editions from dubious sources. This all-new restoration — available for the first time in 35mm — restores dozens of missing shots, all 146 original title cards, returning the film to a form as close to its creator’s bold vision as has been seen since the film’s triumphant Moscow premiere.

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