Opens: Sat 14 Mar, 12:00pm

Second Saturday Silent Cinema

14 March – Saturday 11 April 2015

A tribute to silent film that only the Music Box can offer! Named by Chicago Magazine as the Best New Film Series of 2011. Now presented on the second Saturday of every month at noon!

As part of the Music Box’s commitment to screening classic films, we are delighted to announce what we hope to be an annual series of silent films. Thanks to a number of improvements during the past year, we believe there’s no better place in Chicago to see silent film! We want to share that experience with you throughout 2013 with a special monthly silent film series. Our excellent house organist Dennis Scott will be accompanying all films.


Saturday, March 14th

  • 12:00pm: 7th Heaven

Saturday, April 11th

  • 12:00pm: Buster Keaton: The Playhouse & Sherlock, Jr


Tickets $10 each, $8 for students and seniors


7th Heaven (1927)

directed by Frank Borzage starring Charles Farrell, Janet Gaynor

In the days preceding Word War I, we meet Chico (Charles Farrell), a Parisian sewer worker with lofty aspirations. One night, Chico saves young prostitute Diane (Janet Gaynor) from almost certain ruin. In a city full of loneliness and uncertainty, Chico and Diane find a closeness they’ve never had before. Their newfound relationship is put to the test when Paris is bombed and Chico marches off to war. Frank Borzage’s masterful work earned three Oscars at the first Academy Awards ceremony, including Best Director and Best Actress!

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Buster Keaton: The Playhouse & Sherlock, Jr

directed by Buster Keaton

In Sherlock, Jr (1924), Buster Keaton plays a film projectionist who daydreams himself into the movies he’s screening. One of his greatest films, filled with ingenious gags derived from the most basic cinematic technique – the cut.
In the wonderfully surreal comedy The Playhouse (1921), Keaton plays every single role at a vaudeville theater, including all the performers, the orchestra, and the audience!

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