Clutch Cargo

All screenings are open to all ages 7 and up

Episodes: (Each episode is approximately 22 minutes. Total approximate runtime is 115 with a brief break in the middle)

Five episodes:
Friendly Headhunters
Kangaroo Express
Racecar Mystery
The Shipwreckers
Swamp Swindlerers


$10/ticket adult
$5/ 12 and under

Clutch Cargo

Clutch Cargo is an animated television series produced by Cambria Productions and syndicated beginning on March 9, 1959.

In all, 52 Clutch Cargo adventures were produced and then serialized in five five-minute chapters each. The first four chapters naturally ended in cliffhangers, with the fifth chapter concluding the adventure. Haas explained the format of the show: “Each story is done in five five-minute segments so the stations can run one a day on weekdays, then recap the whole for a half-hour Saturday show. It’s flexible and works very well.”

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