Slap Shot

Since the special screening presented by the Chicago Tribune Events Group on Thursday, December 6th has sold out we found the next possible time to slip Slap Shot into our programming. We hope those who could not get tickets to Thursday’s event can make it to this screening. This will be a no frills screening—the way hockey is meant to be.

No NHL games and 60 degree weather got you down? Take out your anger by watching Slap Shot at the Music Box Theatre… then head over to the Ring at Wrigley and let all heck break loose.



Slap Shot

directed by George Roy Hill starring Paul Newman, Michael Ontkean and Strother Martin

A failing ice hockey team finds success using constant fighting and violence during games.

This foul-mouthed classic follows an ex-hockey star who winds up coaching a hapless minor-league club. When the Charlestown Chiefs realize that playing dirty excites the crowd, they become a squad of goon thugs, led by the iconic Hanson brothers.

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