The Chicago Irish Film Festival Presents: The Irish Pub

Don’t miss a single documentary, feature, short or animated frame in this year’s program…from up and coming Irish filmmakers to an Academy Award nominee all the films in this year’s program are engaging, creative and inspiring …there is absolutely something for everyone…

The CIFF is delighted to have a true representation of the filmmaking process at this year’s festival. Directors, producers, actors and the subject of a documentary, will all be on hand to put into perspective the many layers involved between the conception of a film and its first screening and we’re sure a few tales from their adventures “ on location”. Please welcome: actors Brain Gleeson and Gemma-Leah Devereux How To Be Happy, directors Declan McKeown Go On My Son and Alex Fegan The Irish Pub, producers Richard Bolger How To Be Happy and Kevin McCann Volkswagen Joe and one of the most amazing people we have ever chatted with John Godfrey Morris from Get The Picture We look forward to an opportunity to meet our guests, interact through informal post screening discussions and to celebrate their work.


Students $7
Adults $10

The Irish Pub

THE IRISH PUB is a eulogy to the greatest institution in Irish society, the pub or more specifically the traditional Irish publican’s who run them. The characters in this exceptionally endearing film all run and own pubs that have been in their families for generations and it is through their warmth, wit and wisdom that we gain an insight into the heart and soul of THE IRISH PUB.

In THE IRISH PUB, we meander across Ireland from Connemara to Carlow, from Monaghan to West Cork, from Louth to Limerick, from conversation to captivating conversation. THE IRISH PUB is also a look at Ireland and who we are as a people. The history of Ireland, characters, song, music, anecdotes, politics, sport, religion, famine and the Irish sense of humor are all reflected upon. These pubs reach out not just to every Irish person today but to the Irish 50 years ago, 100 years ago and even as far back as 500 years ago and to the Diaspora abroad. The names over their doors are iconic. The stuff hanging on their walls is historic. However, the stories these pub owners tell are priceless.

The Irish Pub is delightful throughout and makes an implicit (but forceful) argument for the magnificence if the traditional Irish pub

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