Fix - The Ministry Movie

A film by Douglas Freel

A raw look at the demons artists fight — and create — while attempting to reach, and achieve infamous greatness.

Fix: The Ministry Movie is the first extended backstage look into the eardrum-shattering highs and heroin-fueled lows of the Chicago band that introduced most of the world to Industrial music while tearing itself apart with drug abuse and general chaos. Award-winning music video director Douglas Freel spent years on the road with the band, emerging miraculously unscathed and bearing incredible footage of Al Jourgensen and his ever-changing band mates, including bassist, producer and engineer Paul Barker who was in the band from 1986-2004. The film features interviews with Trent Reznor, Jello Biafra, Lemmy Kilmeister, and many more.


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Production Year
Running Time
95 mins

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