A Better Life (Une Vie Meilleure)

A film by Cedric Kahn
Starring Guillaume Canet, Leila Bekhti

Yann (Guillaume Canet), a cook, and Nadia (Leila Bekhti), a waitress and mother of 9-year-old boy, decide to risk everything on the purchase of a restaurant. With plenty of talent, energy, love and dreams, but no finances of their own, they find themselves pushed into a jungle of financing and loans that quickly overwhelms them. To bail them out, Nadia takes a job in Canada, while Yann stays behind to save the restaurant. Together, he and the boy (Slimane Khettabi) confront relentless creditors, an uncaring system; a daily grind from which there is no respite until Yann finally understands that his only chance of salvation lies in joining Nadia in Canada and finding a better life.

A convincingly painted portrait of a hostile world…an intense but dark love story.Screen Daily


Technical Information

Production Year
Countries of Production
France, Canada
Running Time
112 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Friday, Jul 27, 2012

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