A Horse on the Balcony

A film by Hüseyin Tabak

A Horse on the Balcony is an extraordinary tale of friendship. Mika is a 10-year-old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome who feels like he doesn’t belong – he has trouble interacting with people, doesn’t understand jokes, has to follow a specific routine, loves math, and hates surprises. That is, until he sees a horse on his neighbor’s balcony one night! Dana, his neighbor, puts two and two together and introduces Mika to the horse and its owner, Sascha. It turns out to be a valuable racehorse which Sascha won in a raffle. Before long, Mika finds he has unique talents in communicating with the horse. However, Sascha is trying to sell the horse to pay his heavy gambling debt. When thugs kidnap the horse, it’s up to Mika and Dana to rescue their new friend.
Screened in German with English subtitles.


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