An Inn in Tokyo

Inn in Tokyo

A film by Yasujirô Ozu
Starring Takeshi Sakamoto, Yoshiko Okada, Chôko Iida

An Inn In Tokyo is the final installment in Ozu’s unofficial Kihachi Trilogy, and also one of his finest silent works. The film anticipates Post-War Italian neorealism, especially Vittorio de Sica’s The Bicycle Thieves, which shares with that film a pathos for the tribulations of abject poverty and the difficulty of finding gainful employment. Kihachi (Takeshi Sakamoto) is struggling through the Depression with his two young sons as he wanders the industrial landscape of Tokyo seeking work. Crossing paths with a single mother and her young daughter, Kihachi must make a decision that could forfeit all his hopes and desires for a stable life for himself and his two sons.


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Production Year
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Running Time
80 mins

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