Black Narcissus

A film by Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger

A group of Anglican nuns travels to a remote location in the Himalayas (the Palace of Mopu, near Darjeeling) to set up a school and hospital and ‘tame’ the local people and environment, by conversion and gardening, only to find themselves increasingly seduced by the sensuality of their surroundings in a converted seraglio, and by the local British agent Dean (David Farrar).

Clodagh (Deborah Kerr), the Sister Superior, is attempting to forget a failed romance at home in Ireland. Tensions mount as Dean’s laid-back charm makes an impression on Clodagh, but also attracts the mentally unstable Sister Ruth (Kathleen Byron), who becomes pathologically jealous of Clodagh, resulting in a nervous breakdown and a violent climax.


Technical Information

Production Year
Country of Production
United Kingdom
Running Time
100 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012
Sunday, Apr 8, 2012
Friday, Apr 6, 2012
9:40pm · 5:20pm

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