Black Out

Black Out

A film by Arne Toonen
Starring Raymond Thiry, Kim van Kooten, Bas Keijzer

Black Out is an audacious crime thriller laced with colorful lowlifes, tough femme fatales, corrupt cops, and outbursts of extreme violence. Helmed by Dutch director Arne Toonen, Black Out is a film full of brash style, visual panache and edge-of-your-seat excitement.

On the day before his wedding, retired criminal Jos wakes up next to a murdered man with no recollection of what happened the night before. He soon discovers that a group of gangsters has pinned him as the long suspect in the theft of 20 kilos of coke. He’s got to get it back in 24 hours, or the life of his bride will be in serious danger. Now he has no choice but to creep back into his dangerous old world of petty thieves and drug dealers – all before his wedding the next day.

Great performances, perfect direction and a whip-smart script! —Steve Prokopy, Aint It Cool News

A clever thriller! indieWIRE


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Production Year
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Running Time
92 mins

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