Car Cemetery

A film by Fernando Arrabal
Starring Alain Bashung, Juliet Berto

Post apocalyptic sets frame the exodus of roving gangs of punks and costumed thespians in one of the most interesting “Christ story” allegories ever made. Hunted by the police, the youth scurry through the ruins of society and take shelter in a junkyard run by a fat overlord offering freedom for a price. Here amidst the car wrecks, they hide from the police, indulge their sexual fetishes, and await their savior, EMANOU! Heavily surreal, absurd, and poignant, the indeterminate shelter alone is loaded with symbolism. From Jodorowsky collaborator and friend, the prolific playwright, novelist and director Fernando Arrabal, CAR CEMETERY combines truly violent wit and characteristic humor with a look that rivals Derek Jarman’s JUBILEE. NOT TO BE MISSED. Presented by Cathode Love


Technical Information

Production Year
Running Time
87 mins

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