Carlos Program 2 (part 3)

Carlos’s band, based in Budapest and protected by Syria, fosters links with various clients interested in their particular capabilities, among them Ceausescu’s Romania and Libya. This intense activity of geopolitical destabilization, orchestrated by Carlos – who is trafficking arms, handling huge sums of cash and leading the life of the Godfather of European terrorism – is soon to come to an end. His decline is of course closely linked to the changes in the world order. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, he loses several of his backers and his arena of operation is drastically reduced. The last place offering refuge is Sudan. Carlos is by now a retired terrorist, tracked by the secret services of several countries, abandoned by his closest allies, a long way from the center stage of international politics. His role as a player is over; he is left to observe the shifts in global power from a distance. With the complicity of the Sudanese authorities, he is captured and brought back to Paris to stand trial for crimes that have not been forgotten in France.


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Production Year
Running Time
124 mins

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