Changing Husbands

Changing Husbands

A film by Paul Iribe & Frank Urson
Starring Leatrice Joy, Raymond Griffith

Infidelity never looked so classy! Supervised by Cecil B. DeMille, this film does a superb job of capturing the loosening morals of the Twenties.

The lovely Leatrice Joy plays two lookalike dames: one gal’s an aspiring actress, and the other’s a Broadway star sick of the spotlight. So what do they do? Like a jazz-age Prince & the Pauper, they trade lives, and husbands for that matter — but their scheme doesn’t go quite according to plan! This movie’s a real breath of fresh comedy air, alternating between beats of razor-sharp wit and screwball antics. Its subject matter is also quite racy for the Roaring Twenties, and it revels in the mischief, culminating in an implied double divorce in Reno! Film print courtesy of the Library of Congress.


Technical Information

Production Year
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Running Time
70 mins

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