Children of Paradise

Children of Paradise

A film by Marcel Carné
Starring Arletty,Jean-Louis Barrault,Pierre Brasseur,Pierre Renoir,María Casares,Gaston Modot,Fabien Loris

Set among the Parisian theatre scene of the 1820s and 30s, it tells the story of a beautiful courtesan, Garance, and the four men who love her in their own ways: a mime artist, an actor, a criminal and an aristocrat. A three-hour film divided into two halves, it was described in the original American trailer as the French answer to Gone with the Wind.

This tragic tale centers around the ill-fated love between Baptiste, a theater mime, and Claire Reine, an actress and otherwise woman-about-town who calls herself Garance. Garance, in turn, is loved by three other men: Frederick, a pretentious actor; Lacenaire, a conniving thief; and Count Eduard of Monteray. The story is further complicated by Nathalie, an actress who is in love with Baptiste.

Poetic realism reaches sublime heights with Children of Paradise, the ineffably witty tale of a woman loved by four different men. Deftly entwining theater, literature, music, and design, director Marcel Carné and screenwriter Jacques Prévert resurrect the tumultuous world of nineteenth-century Paris, teeming with hucksters and aristocrats, thieves and courtesans, pimps and seers. Janus Films is proud to present this masterpiece – repeatedly declared the greatest French film of all time – in a restored DCP taken from the original camera negative.

Thanks to this restoration, its full achievements can once again be properly appreciated!Sight & Sound

This restoration reignites a glorious flame! A rich and delicious movie treat. The Guardian


Technical Information

Production Year
Country of Production
French, English
Running Time
189 mins

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