Chimes at Midnight

A film by Orson Welles
Starring Orson Welles, Jeanne Moreau, Margaret Rutherford

Combining parts of five Shakespeare plays, Welles centers on the recurring character of Sir John Falstaff, friend and father figure to the heir to the British throne.

Orson Welles was born to play Falstaff, a man whose mouth and mind are as oversized as his belly, and Welles’ full embodiment of the character is surely the film’s greatest performance.

Roundly considering Welles’ greatest achievement, it is said there is not a word in the film not written by Shakespeare. Quite a feat, considering the film feels so completely Orson Welles!


Technical Information

Production Year
Countries of Production
France, Spain, Switzerland
Running Time
115 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

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