Don’t Deliver Us from Evil

A film by Joël Séria
Starring Jeanne Goupil, Catherine Wagener

Proof that you get a lot more “shock” value from an actual shocking subject than a truckload of karo syrup and pig guts! This film is smart, controversial, profound, and highly-transgressive, with an unsettling and electric ending. A unique and unrestrained exploration of evil that dives playfully into the depths of amorality lying inside the minds of children.

Two French schoolgirls, Anna and Lore, spend their summer exploring the limitations of adolescence through a series of increasingly “evil acts”, all hoisted against the confines of their restrictive Catholic boarding school. Their deeds flanked by passages of Lautreamont and Buadelaire, this is beautiful, high-art horror, with no clip-art red devils to cling to for comfort.

It’s the lack of any overt “supernatural” presence that imbues Anna and Lore with a scarier hellfire. One that exists here in the real world. Where things really burn, and where two little Catholic girls can really seduce you, and really kill you.

It has a decadent and insular, escalating immorality that hardens from the amoral consciousness of children. And so a coming-of-age tale produces original and ripe horrors. These depths can cut pretty deep, and Seria guides the knife into the heart of it, equally playfully. The beautiful ending is the culmination of the film, all gathered in one concentrated ball of high art… from the depths of hell!

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Technical Information

Production Year
Running Time
110 mins

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