A film by Philippe Godeau
Starring François Cluzet, Bouli Lanners

11.6 is a heist film based on the real life story of criminal Toni Musulin, who pulled off one of the largest heists in France’s history without the aid of firearms.

On November 5, 2009, Toni Musulin (Francois Cluzet) made off with 11.6 million Euros. It was the heist of the century that took years of planning and preparation including extracting himself from a marriage and breaking with his sole friend. But oddly, just a few days after pulling off his headline-grabbing crime, Musulin turned himself in. This fictionalized account of Musulin’s famous exploit is based on the book Toni 11.6 by Alice Géraud-Arfi, who is the only person to interview Musulin in prison, where he is currently serving a five-year sentence in isolation. In the tradition of French romantic crime figures comes this portrait of a man for whom going to jail may actually be part of the master plan.

“Intouchables” star Francois Cluzet delivers the goods in this noir-style replay of a real-life heist. —Bernard Besserglik, The Hollywood Reporter


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Production Year
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Running Time
102 mins

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