Fresh Start

Katrine and Cecilie are twin sisters and best friends. They have done everything together for their entire lives, but have decided to be in different classes this year. Both have their own problems to overcome, but each young lady eventually learns to fit in on her own as well as be together as a unique unit. And in Israel, Ori finds himself next to a huge wall and seemingly endless barrier. There, he finds an unlikely friend and discovers that Palestinian boys are really not so different.

The films showing are:

The Basketball Game (Canada) 6 min
Tricks and Clicks: “How to Handle Internet Bullying” (Germany) 5 min
Deaf Day (France/Syrian Arab Republic) 16 min
Ben Hora (France) 5 min
Siblings – For Better or Worse: “Me and My Twin” (Denmark) 18 min

Ages 11+
The Other Side (Israel) 22 min


Technical Information

Running Time
72 mins

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