Frozen Land

A film by Nancy Florence Savard

Frozen Land is an expansive, visually-stunning adventure that testifies to the power of hope, the strength of friendship, and the value of traditional culture. Markussi is a young Inuit with shamanic powers who has difficulty accepting his talent. One day, the spirits of his ancestors challenge him to save his love Apik, best friend Putulik, and the home of their familial clan. When Markussi’s clan undergoes a severe famine, Markussi and his two friends set out on a journey to find the promised land of Sarila and appease the gods, in the process discovering who they are, their talents, and the bonds of love and friendship that exist among them.
Screened in English – Please note: English-language screening of “The Legend of Sarila”
Ages 9+
81 min


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