Get Crazy

Get Crazy

A film by Allan Arkush
Starring Malcolm McDowell, Allen Garfield and Daniel Stern

A wildly kinetic ride through the punk and new wave scenes of the early-80s! It’s your typical let’s put on a show to save the place taken to a Muppets-like extreme with a cavalcade of cameos (Malcolm McDowell out-swaggerin’ Jagger! Lou Reed does Dylan!) and bizzaro left-field jokes that you’ll probably miss because you were too busy laughing at the previous chuckler. Ed Begely Jr. plays an evil media mogul intent on shuttering an old concert hall, and it’s up to plucky young promoter Alan Garfield to put on the best New Year’s Even concert ever to earn enough scratch to buy up the lease himself. THIS ROCKER IS NOT ON DVD!


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Production Year
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Running Time
92 mins

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