Guilty (Presume Coupable)

A film by Vincent Garenq

A man wrongly accused of an unspeakable crime battles to prove his innocence in this drama from director Vincent Garenq. Based on a true story, Guilty tells the story of Alain (Philippe Torreton) and his wife Edith (Noemie Lvovsky), a couple raising three children in Northern France whose lives were suddenly turned upside down when they were arrested and charged with being part of a group of sexual predators preying on children. Alain and Edith both insisted they were innocent and it was the beginning of a legal nightmare that lasted two years and led to the arrest and conviction of a number of people who were later proven innocent. Once behind bars, Alain must stand up for his innocence against prosecutors eager for convictions in a controversial and deeply flawed case against him.

So harrowing that no addition of fictional elements could have made it any more dramatic.Variety


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Production Year
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Running Time
102 mins

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