Halloween Program: Inside Out

Kali the Little Vampire has longed to join the world of the light, but continues to be shut out, despite his good intentions. From her bedtime stories to her artwork, Katy has always seen herself as a witch with magical powers. When the librarian lends her a book of spells, Katy discovers her innate magical abilities. Donald is born with fingers made of chocolate, but will that hold him back from achieving his dreams? It’s hard being true to yourself—good thing it’s that time of year to try on new identities! Includes films with narrations by renowned actors Christopher Plummer and Alan Rickman.

The films showing are:

Piece of Cake! (Canada) 6 min
Reloaded (Norway) 4 min
Eye (Mexico) 5 min
Out of Hand (USA) 7 min
The Boy in the Bubble (Ireland) 9 min
The Fairweather Girl (England) 8 min
Kali the Little Vampire (Canada /France/Portugal) 10 min
My First Spellbook (Scotland) 11 min
The Boy with the Chocolate Fingers (England) 10 min


Technical Information

Running Time
70 mins

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