Halloween Program: Treats and Tricksters

Did your neighbor really snatch your sweet treat or are your eyes tricking you? Is there a big, bad mouse in the forest or is your father really the biggest “beast” there is? Joanna makes herself a brand new friend—out of spare parts! But will it be the truest friend she can find? Come along with this crafty bunch to see who is up to what on Halloween this year!

The films showing are:

Haina: The Hat (Brazil) 1 min
My Magic Trick (USA) 2 min
Snack Attack (USA) 5 min
Tailed (USA) 6 min
Inside Oneself (Mexico) 8 min
The Day of the Dead (USA) 9 min
Joanna Makes a Friend (Canada) 15 min
The Gruffalo’s Child (England) 27 min

Ages 5+
World Premiere


Technical Information

Running Time
73 mins

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