If You Build It

If You Build It

A film by Patrick Creadon

In 2010, designer Emily Pilloton and her partner (in business and in life), architect Matt Miller, arrived in Bertie County, North Carolina, to teach a high school design-build class called Studio H with an eye toward reviving the economically struggling rural community.

Over the course of a year, 10 high school juniors learned the basics of design and construction culminating in the construction of a new farmers’ market for their town. Despite losing funding and dealing with natural disasters, Pilloton and Miller empowered their students and gave them hope int he face of adversity. If You Build It is a documentary, not just about idealistic outsiders trying to turn a community around, but also a story about the economic recession and the plight of rural America.


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Production Year
Country of Production
Running Time
84 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Thursday, Feb 13, 2014
7:10pm · 5:00pm
Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014
7:10pm · 5:00pm
Tuesday, Feb 11, 2014
7:10pm · 5:00pm
Monday, Feb 10, 2014
7:10pm · 5:00pm
Sunday, Feb 9, 2014
7:10pm · 5:00pm · 2:30pm
Saturday, Feb 8, 2014
7:10pm · 5:00pm · 2:30pm
Friday, Feb 7, 2014
7:10pm · 5:00pm

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