Il Futuro

Il Futuro

A film by Alicia Scherson
Starring Luigi Ciardo, Manuela Martelli, Rutger Hauer

When her parents die in a tragic car accident, adolescent Bianca’s universe is suspended.

Entrusted with the care of her younger brother, Tomas, she struggles to hold it together. Life is further complicated when Toma´s’s gym-rat friends invite themselves to stay indefinitely. Using Bianca as a lure for a heist they’ve concocted, they convince her to initiate a sexual relationship with an enigmatic blind hermit, Maciste (Rutger Hauer). But as the two spend time together, Bianca unexpectedly finds normalcy and acceptance in the aging B-movie star and former Mr. Universe’s rococo mansion.


Technical Information

Production Year
Countries of Production
Italy, Chile, Germany, Spain
Italian, Spanish, English
Running Time
94 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Thursday, Nov 14, 2013
9:40pm · 5:10pm
Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013
Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013
9:40pm · 5:10pm
Monday, Nov 11, 2013
7:20pm · 5:10pm
Sunday, Nov 10, 2013
7:20pm · 5:10pm · 2:30pm
Saturday, Nov 9, 2013
7:20pm · 5:10pm · 2:30pm
Friday, Nov 8, 2013
7:20pm · 5:10pm · 2:30pm

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