Laura’s Star and the Dream Monsters

Laura’s Star and the Dream Monsters

A film by Piet De Rycker and Thilo Rothkirch
Starring Céline Vogt, Sandro Iannotta and Maximilian Artajo

A young girl named Laura and her little brother, Tommy, embark on a fantastical journey into a dream world after Tommy’s dream monsters steal his toy dog! With the help of Laura’s Star and two stuffed animals that are brought to life, the sister and brother navigate the world of castles and clouds. Laura and Tommy are faced with even more challenges when their Star is captured by a monster, the Light Catcher. This beautifully animated feature film from Warner Bros. Germany explores the ultimate sibling journey. Can Tommy conquer his fears and rescue the Star and his beloved toy from his dream monsters?

Screened in German, with English subtitles read aloud.
Ages 4+
North American Premiere


Technical Information

Production Year
Country of Production
Running Time
75 mins

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