Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour

A film by Bernard Knowles, The Beatles
Starring John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

Songs you’ll never forget, the film you’ve never seen and a story that’s never been heard.

In September 1967, in the wake of the extraordinary impact of Sgt. Pepper, The Beatles made a film — this time conceived and directed by them. Based on a loose unscripted narrative and in the spirit of the experimental mood of the time, the film became the vehicle to present 6 new songs: “Magical Mystery Tour”, “The Fool On The Hill”, “Flying”, “I Am The Walrus”, “Blue Jay Way” and “Your Mother Should Know”.

Magical Mystery Tour is a surreal take on the British tradition of a coach trip to the seaside, featuring John, Paul, George and Ringo as themselves along with an eccentric cast of characters.


Technical Information

Production Year
Country of Production
United Kingdom
Running Time
55 mins

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