My Get Along Gang

Who’s the real line leader? While walking to a nearby lake, a pig invites his animal pals to join him in a swim. Each one tells him they’re unhappy with how they look, but Pig shows them that their differences are what make them special. Mike the Knight is busy getting ready for the parade, but when he lacks squires, two dragon buddies offer to take the job. Can they not be dragon-y and be true assistants for Mike? Ultimately, it takes teamwork to solve any problem, and it is always better to be true to yourself!

The films showing are:

How Shammies Teeter Tottered (Latvia) 2 min
I Will Miss You (USA) 1 min
Christmas Story (Croatia) 2 min
My Magic Trick (USA) 2 min
Diversity (USA) 2 min
Lure (Croatia) 3 min
Love Earth (Taiwan) 3 min
Chip and Dory (Taiwan) 4 min
Meatballs and Fork Beast (Sweden) 4 min
Black Sheep (Croatia) 4 min
Rainy Day Friends (Taiwan) 5 min
Molly Monster: “New Toy” (Germany/Sweden/Switzerland) 7 min
Just a Little (Sweden) 9 min
Mike the Knight and the Dragon Squires (England) 12 min

Ages 2+
World Premiere


Technical Information

Running Time
67 mins

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