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A selection of recent award-winning animated short films from the world’s most renowned festivals!

“Dazzling…take[s] us places we’ve never been, only to reaffirm our commonality.” – Boston Globe

“First-rate…a filling multicourse meal for the discerning grownup toon fan.” – Variety

A cat and a mouse carry on a dysfunctional relationship in a futuristic landscape. A Chinese monk sets out on foot with a tiger during the Tang dynasty and happens upon the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan. Two bluecollar workers dissect the meaning of “normal” life, as the world crumbles around them. A box of matches succumb, to their detriment, to the appeal of a cigarette. Four people recount their various encounters—triumphant or terrifying, euphoric or down-to-earth—with an unforgettable rite of passage.

The World According to Shorts presents a selection of recent award-winning animated short films from the world’s most renowned festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand and others.

Titles include
• “Deconstruction Workers” by Kajsa Naess (Norway);
• “Average 40 Matches” by Burkay Doğan & M. Şakir Arslan (Turkey)
• “Bâmiyân” by Patrick Pleutin (France)
• “Please Say Something” by David O’Reilly (Ireland/Germany)
• “Flatlife” by Jonas Geirnaert (Belgium)
• “She Who Measures” by Veljko Popoviç (Croatia)
• “Home Road Movies” by Robert Bradbrook (United Kingdom)
• “The Tale of How” by The Blackheart Gang (South Africa)
• “Never Like the First Time!” by Jonas Odell (Sweden)


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Production Year
Running Time
82 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Saturday, Aug 6, 2011
Thursday, Aug 4, 2011
Wednesday, Aug 3, 2011
9:30pm · 7:30pm · 5:30pm
Tuesday, Aug 2, 2011
Monday, Aug 1, 2011
9:30pm · 7:30pm · 5:30pm
Sunday, Jul 31, 2011
Saturday, Jul 30, 2011
midnight · 5:30pm · 1:30pm
Friday, Jul 29, 2011
midnight · 5:30pm

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