Pink Floyd The Wall

A film by Alan Parker
Starring Bob Geldof, Bob Hoskins, Jenny Wright

A fascinating, bleak portrait of an artist consumed by his role as entertainer and profit machine, THE WALL traces the life of the fictional protagonist Pink Floyd (Bob Geldof, loosely based on original Floyd frontman Syd Barrett) from his boyhood days in war-torn England to his self-imposed isolation as a world-renowned rock star. As he festers in his hotel room, hiding from his manager (Bob Hoskins), groupies and an estranged wife, elements of his abusive childhood come back to haunt him until he begins to descend into absolute madness – leading to a climax that is as questionably cathartic as it is destructive. Punctuated by the amazing animation of artist Gerald Scarfe, this is a movie to see big and loud.


Technical Information

Production Year
Running Time
95 mins

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