John Lennon’s 70th Birthday Celebration

The Music Box Theatre and 93XRT are proud to present JOHN LENNON’S 70TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. This multi-media event combines an exclusive screening of the new feature film NOWHERE BOY, followed by a Q & A and concert performance featuring the original members of Lennon’s first band, The Quarrymen.

On Sunday, October 3, the Music Box Theatre will present an exclusive sneak preview of NOWHERE BOY, Sam Taylor-Wood’s new film about John Lennon’s teenage years and the start of The Beatles, starring Aaron Johnson (KICK-ASS) and Kristin Scott Thomas (THE ENGLISH PATIENT). Following the screening, the members of The Quarrymen (“The Band that Became the Beatles”) will participate in a Q&A session about Lennon’s life, as well as perform the same music they made with fellow members John, Paul and George.

This event is co-presented by 93XRT, and will be hosted by on-air personality and Beatles expert Terri Hemmert.

About the film:
NOWHERE BOY is an engaging and poignant feature that dramatizes for the first time in a theatrical film the events and circumstances that led to the formation of The Beatles, and the underlying family currents that shaped the creative and inspirational qualities of John Lennon.

 With a script drawn from a variety of impeccable sources, and its authenticity endorsed by those who knew John Lennon best (including his childhood pals depicted in the movie), NOWHERE BOY is the first film to allow admirers to “understand the little child inside the man.” NOWHERE BOY, directed by acclaimed British conceptual artist and photographer Sam Taylor-Wood, features Aaron Johnson as John Lennon, and Academy Award-nominated actress Kristin Scott Thomas as Lennon’s strict guardian, Aunt Mimi.

Following the screening, the members of The Quarrymen will participate in a Q & A session about John Lennon and perform LIVE!

About The Quarrymen:
In 1956, a 15-year-old Liverpool schoolboy named John Lennon recruited his closest pals to join him in a musical group called The Quarrymen. Over a four-year period, the group’s line-up changed and new members joined. Among the newcomers were Paul McCartney (in July of 1957) and George Harrison (in February of 1958). By early 1960, John, Paul and George comprised the nucleus of the band. 50 years ago, in the summer of 1960, the teenage trio changed its name from The Quarrymen to The Beatles. After adding a new drummer in 1962, things turned out quite well for them…

The three still-active founding members of The Quarrymen – all of whom who were hand-picked by Lennon to be in the first lineup of his group – have re-formed the band and are celebrating the 70th birthday of their friend and band-mate with this special concert, during which they will perform the key songs that they played with Lennon over the course of the band’s four-year run, including the American roots music and raw rock-and-roll that inspired Lennon to take up music. The band will also perform some of the earliest compositions of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison.


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