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Shall We Kiss?

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A film by Emmanuel Mouret
Starring Virginie Ledoyen, Emmanuel Mouret, Julie Gayet

Equally seduced by one another, but both otherwise committed, Emilie and Gabriel know they will probably never see each other again. He would like to kiss her…

Expert, intricate, ineffably droll, ultimately provocative and entirely enchanting.The Wall Street Journal

Irresistible, enchanting… with a surprisingly sober twist. Marie Claire

Mouret marries Rohmer’s visual lucidity and love of smart dialogue to the sort of screwball-comedy antics that wouldn’t have seemed out of place in the films of Lubitsch or Hawks, and he does it all with a beguiling lightness of touch. Los Angeles Weekly


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French with English subtitles

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Thursday, Apr 16, 2009
Tuesday, Apr 14, 2009
Monday, Apr 13, 2009
Sunday, Apr 12, 2009
7:20pm · 2:35pm
Saturday, Apr 11, 2009
7:20pm · 2:35pm
Friday, Apr 10, 2009
Thursday, Apr 9, 2009
9:50pm · 7:40pm · 5:30pm
Wednesday, Apr 8, 2009
9:50pm · 7:40pm · 5:30pm
Tuesday, Apr 7, 2009
9:50pm · 7:40pm · 5:30pm

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