Short Film Block - BIOGRAPHIES

A film by Kristofor Husted, Ronnie Reese, Hunter Holcombe

Love, Dad (20 min): The story of career criminal James Gardner, who committed an estimated one thousand burglaries between 1970 and 1999. When he was sentenced to 30 years in prison, he abandoned his family. This documentary short takes a trip through Gardner’s past as he visits family and the mentor who helped turn his life around, and examines the impact of his absence on loved ones, and his attempts at reformation, reconciliation and making up for lost time.

Exit Wound (26 min): Sgt. Chess Johnson was shot through his eye while fighting in Iraq, and told he was no longer fit to serve. After struggling with alcoholism, drug dependency, PTSD and traumatic brain injury, he is invited to a unique program in Sun Valley, Idaho helping treat veterans and their spouses. The goal: to channel their addiction to adrenaline through outlets like skiing and paragliding.


Technical Information

Running Time
56 mins

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