SHORTS PROGRAM III : Irish Stew / Cinema Style

Two lottery tickets, one missing scarf, a treasured Volkswagen, some dysfunctional parenting, a religious identity crisis, a toast to the past and a quick lesson in Irish slang all come together for an evening of laughs, tears, gasps and memories. The program is filled with works by some of Ireland’s most talented and award winning filmmakers.

LÁ BRÉA CHUIGE : A Fine Day For It
22 mins
Eamon is a jazz loving pensioner who fills his days attending funerals. One day he encounters a long forgotten friend and his world is turned upside down, but fate has different plan for Eamon and an unwitting kindness takes a tragic turn.

Director: Louise Ni Fhinnachta
Producer: Louise Ni Fhinnachta
Script: Deborah Grimes

16 mins
Doug is having a very bad day. Terminally broke and facing eviction, he’s charged by his estranged partner Julie with the task of looking after his son Billy for the day, while simultaneously having to get rid of the family dog – Billy’s best and only friend. Welcome to the Doghouse.

Director: Morgan Bushe
Producer: Rory Dungan
Script: Morgan Bushe


7 mins
Albert is desperately in search of his favorite scarf which has vanished in the forest, but his problems are soon put into perspective. Narrated by George Takei.

Director: Eoin Duffy
Producer: Jamie Hogan
Script: Eoin Duffy

3 mins
Across the glen good friends walk arm and arm to confront one man’s fate….for better or for worse.

Director: Laurence Dunmore
Producer: RSA Films
Script: Paul Opperman
Music: Jack Livesey, Eamon O’Leary

7 mins
Eoin works the night shift in a quiet petrol station. His main source of distraction night after night is regular customer Ger who believes he has a system for picking winning scratch cards. Things take an unexpected turn with the arrival of a masked armed robber.

Director: Phillip Kelly
Producers: Dave Leahy, Liam Ryan
Script: Phillip Kelly
Cast: Stephen Jones, Conor Drum, Sam Keeley,
Ian Lloyd Anderson

Joe is a dedicated, hardworking mechanic who services cars for both sides of the political divide. Unfortunately for Joe, both communities view his evenhandedness with suspicion.

Director: Brian Deane
Producer: Anna O’Malley, Kevin McCann
Script: Matthew Roche from play by Brendan McCann

3 min
‘Story Bud?’ featuring Dubliners, is a short film that celebrates how the Irish speak English

Director/Producer/Script: Jenny Keogh

13 mins
Hannah Cohen can’t wait to make her Holy Communion – only problem is, she’s Jewish! Set in Dublin in the 1970s, this film explores a rarely glimpsed Ireland as seen through the eyes of a spirited seven-year-old.

Director: Shimmy Marcus
Producers: Rachel Lysaght, Shimmy Marcus
Script: Shimmy Marcus
Cast: Lucy Skye Dunne, Elaine Cassidy, Jim Sheridan


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100 mins

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