Stonewall Uprising

A film by Kate Davis and David Heilbroner

“June 28, 1969: NYC police raid a Greenwich Village Mafia-run gay bar, The Stonewall Inn. For the first time, patrons refuse to be led into paddy wagons, setting off a 3-day riot that launches the Gay Rights Movement. Told by Stonewall patrons, reporters and the cop who led the raid, STONEWALL UPRISING compellingly recalls the bad old days when psychoanalysts equated homosexuality with mental illness and police entrapment was rampant. At the height of this oppression, the cops raid Stonewall, triggering nights of pandemonium with tear gas, billy clubs and a small army of tactical police. The rest is history.”


Technical Information

Production Year
Running Time
80 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Sunday, Aug 22, 2010
Saturday, Aug 21, 2010
Sunday, Aug 15, 2010
Saturday, Aug 14, 2010
Thursday, Aug 12, 2010
Wednesday, Aug 11, 2010
Tuesday, Aug 10, 2010
Monday, Aug 9, 2010
Sunday, Aug 8, 2010
7:20pm · 2:40pm
Saturday, Aug 7, 2010
7:20pm · 2:40pm
Friday, Aug 6, 2010

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