Tales With Tails

Characters leap from the pages! As we celebrate Maurice Sendak’s life this year, we remember what Max the Wolf taught us as we revisit the classic film version of this author’s timeless treasure. Then, an oral history from indigenous Pueblo and Navajo tales teaches us to listen to the Wise Wolf, and we have much to learn from our animal brothers and sisters. Finally, the all-star cast is back! This time, it’s the Gruffalo’s daughter who wants to know if the Big Bad Mouse was just one of Dad’s tall tales. Lastly, say “hello” to Daniel Tiger, one of the best-loved friends in the new spinoff of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood! This is an all-English language program that celebrates the love of reading and learning with friends, neighbors, and, maybe, some beasts!

The films playing are:

Where the Wild Things Are (USA) 6 min
Wolf Dog Tales (USA) 7 min
Children Make Terrible Pets (USA) 8 min
A Sick Day for Amos McGee (USA) 10 min
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (USA) 12 min
The Gruffalo’s Child (England) 27 min


Technical Information

Running Time
70 mins

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