The Duel

A film by Dover Kosashvili

GLORIOUS! Should delight audiences worldwide.” —Variety

THE DUEL gives life to a classic Chekovian tale: the young ne’er-do-well aristocrat vs. the arrogant man of science; the attraction of a manipulative, narcissistic mistress vs. the life of the mind and of principled action. Gambling, alcohol and flirtations consummated in an impossibly beautiful countryside hold obvious attractions for Laevsky. But he’s brought up short when financial ruin and his mistress’s sexual dalliances lead to a violent denouement. Dover Kosashvili, director of LATE MARRIAGE, assembles a brilliant ensemble cast of British actors who strike just the right balance between intrigue and that particularly Russian brand of ennui we associate with Chekhov.”


Technical Information

Production Year
Running Time
95 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Sunday, Aug 29, 2010
Saturday, Aug 28, 2010
Thursday, Aug 26, 2010
9:45pm · 7:45pm · 5:45pm
Wednesday, Aug 25, 2010
9:45pm · 7:45pm · 5:45pm
Tuesday, Aug 24, 2010
9:45pm · 7:45pm · 5:45pm
Monday, Aug 23, 2010
9:45pm · 7:45pm · 5:45pm
Sunday, Aug 22, 2010
9:45pm · 7:45pm · 5:45pm · 3:45pm · 1:45pm
Saturday, Aug 21, 2010
9:45pm · 7:45pm · 5:45pm · 3:45pm · 1:45pm
Friday, Aug 20, 2010
9:45pm · 7:45pm · 5:45pm

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