The Housemaid

A film by Im Sang-soo
Starring Jeon Do-youn

A man’s affair with his family’s housemaid leads to a dark consequences.

Elegant, sexy and dangerous, THE HOUSEMAID is a delicious pleasure to watch. The premise is classic: a cold husband, a fragile wife and a new housemaid. But with one of Korea’s master stylists at the helm and a performance from a Best Actress prize-winner at Cannes (Jeon Do-youn), this polished thriller offers plenty of surprises. This satirical look at class structure, reminiscent of the work of Claude Chabrol, is sure to raise pulses as it proceeds from decadence to danger to a jaw-dropping climax.


Technical Information

Production Year
Running Time
106 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Thursday, Feb 10, 2011
8:40pm · 6:20pm · 4:00pm
Wednesday, Feb 9, 2011
8:40pm · 6:20pm · 4:00pm
Tuesday, Feb 8, 2011
8:40pm · 6:20pm · 4:00pm
Monday, Feb 7, 2011
8:40pm · 6:20pm · 4:00pm
Sunday, Feb 6, 2011
8:40pm · 6:20pm · 4:00pm · 1:30pm
Saturday, Feb 5, 2011
8:40pm · 6:20pm · 4:00pm · 1:30pm
Friday, Feb 4, 2011
8:40pm · 6:20pm · 4:00pm · 1:30pm

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