The Intergalactic Nemesis

A film by Jason Neulander

The year is 1933. Pulitzer-winning reporter Molly Sloan, her intrepid assistant Timmy Mendez, and a mysterious librarian named Ben Wilcott face the most serious threat Earth has ever known: an impending invasion of sludge monsters from the planet Zygon.

Straight from Austin, Texas: Experience the unforgettable (and family-friendly) period-sci-fi-comedy-adventure as reporter Molly Sloan and her assistant Timmy Mendez uncover the story of the century. Three actors – dozens of characters. One Foley artist – hundreds of sounds. One keyboardist – thousands of notes. And over 1,250 individual hand-drawn, full-color, hi-res, blow-your-mind comic-book images blasting from the big screen. LIVE.

Tickets are $12 for adults, $8 for ages 12 & under.


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Sunday, Nov 6, 2011

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