The Kid With a Bike

Kid With a Bike

A film by Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne
Starring Thomas Doret, Cécile De France and Jérémie Renier

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the deeply moving new film by the Dardenne brothers (L’enfant, Rosetta) delves into the emotional life of troubled 11-year-old Cyril (newcomer Thomas Doret).

When his father (Jérémie Renier) abandons him, Cyril obsessively tries to find his bicycle — after all, his father must have cared about him enough not to sell that off, he reasons.

Almost by accident, he becomes the ward of a kind hairdresser (Cécile de France), a woman who seems surprised to find herself so determined to help him. With his wild, unpredictable behavior and his disastrous search for father figures, Cyril risks losing her — though she refuses to give up without a fight.

Full of heartbreaking betrayals and unexpected grace, The Kid With a Bike is a film about a child, abandoned to the elements, learning to become good.

The Dardenne brothers are again at the peak of their powers in this impeccably observed drama. Few, if any, contemporary filmmakers can match the Dardennes for unstinting compassion, rigorous avoidance of sentimentality and unimpeachable emotional integrity.The Hollywood Reporter

Magnificent. One of the most compelling spectacles you’ll see this year. Film Comment


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Technical Information

Production Year
Countries of Production
Belgium, France, Italy
French, English
Running Time
87 mins

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