The Last Sentence

The Last Sentence

A film by Jan Troell
Starring Jesper Christensen, Pernilla August, Ulla Skoog

An emotional journey through Europe during WWII.

Oscar-nominated director Jan Troell (The Emigrants, Everlasting Moments) one of Sweden’s most acclaimed filmmakers, delivers the achievement of his career with remarkable biopic The Last Sentence. Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous political world of WWII, The Last Sentence is based on the life of crusading journalist Torgny Segerstedt, editor-in-chief of one of Sweden’s leading newspapers, highlighting his one-man battle against Nazism and his country’s policy of appeasement to Hitler.

  • Winner! World Film Festival Montreal 2012 – Best Director
  • Winner! Chicago Film Festival – Silver Hugo Award, Best Actress

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Production Year
Running Time
126 mins

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