The Legend is Born: IP Man

A film by Herman Yau

The Legend Is Born—Ip Man is a semi-biographical account of events in the early life of Wing Chun master and mentor to Bruce Lee. As a child, Ip Man learns the art of Wing Chun from master Chan Wah-shun, along with adopted brother, Ip Tin-chi and friend Lee Mei-wai. When Ip Man returns to his home town years later to reunite with his peers, new challenges arise as Ip Man’s old master sees that Ip Man has developed a new style of Wing Chun which differs from the orthodox style. Things get further complicated when Ip Man is arrested as the prime suspect in the murder of Lee Mei-wai’s godfather, leading to a suspenseful climax of intrigue and betrayal.


Technical Information

Production Year
Running Time
100 mins

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