The Other Woman

A film by Hugo Haas
Starring Hugo Haas, Cleo Moore

When megalomaniacal film director Walter Darman (Hugo Haas) fires no-talent actress Sherry Stewart (Cleo Moore) from his latest artistic opus, the shamed sexpot schemes revenge!

She drugs Darman, convinces him they’ve shared a night of scandalous debauchery, and begins the blackmail. But this is a director with experience at rewriting other people’s scripts!

Perhaps the most self-revelatory of the many low-budget, sex-fueled melodramas made by Czech expatriate Haas, The Other Woman uses the tropes of both film noir and the Hollywood exposé to offer a canny chronicle of the filmmaker’s own tumultuous career in America. Filled with caustic observations about the battle between art and commerce, with Haas aiming many of the most pointed barbs at his own ambitions.

Pilloried by critics as a purveyor of exploitative trash, Haas is only now getting the last laugh; this film displays his keen and clear-eyed understanding of the picture-making business, and his unique and “disreputable” place in it. NOT ON DVD!


Technical Information

Production Year
Running Time
81 mins

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