The Past is a Grotesque Animal

The Past is a Grotesque Animal

A film by Jason Miller

The Past is a Grotesque Animal is a personal, accessible look at an artist — Kevin Barnes, frontman of the endlessly versatile indie pop band of Montreal — whose pursuit to make transcendent music at all costs drives him to value art over human relationships. As he struggles with all of those around him, family and bandmates alike, he’s forced to reconsider the future of the band, begging the question: is this really worth it?

Hailing from Athens, GA, of Montreal band members thrill fans with compelling live performances, delight critics with their constant innovations, and continually showcase their musical evolution by drawing from a different set of influences for each album.

Primary songwriter Kevin Barnes pours emotion — heartbreak, frustration, elation, whimsy — into lyrics that shift from adopted personas to invented alter-egos to unobstructed views directly into his psyche.


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Wednesday, Jun 25, 2014

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