The Patience Stone

Patience Stone

A film by Atiq Rahimi
Starring Golfshifteh Farahani, Hamidrez Javdan, Hassina Burgan

The legend of The Patience Stone says that when it has absorbed all that it can handle, it explodes, causing the world to end. But for one brave Afghan woman it’s a risk she’s willing to take to unburden herself and be free.

Set in a small town somewhere in Afghanistan during the recent war, The Patience Stone is a mesmerizing chamber drama about a young wife left to care for her older husband, a former Mujahidin left comatose by bullet to the neck. Alone with her silent spouse and emboldened by his inability to speak, the woman embarks on a emotional journey of self discovery telling her husband about her childhood, her dreams, her suffering and her loneliness and revealing truths to him the she would have never dared to before.


Technical Information

Production Year
Countries of Production
Afghanistan, France, Germany, United Kingdom
Running Time
102 mins

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