The Robber

A film by Benjamin Heisenberg
Starring Andreas Lust, Franziska Weisz and Florian Wotruba

The true story of Johann Rettenberger, a marathon athlete who developed robbing banks as a hobby.

A champion marathoner leads a double life as a serial bank robber, sprinting between fixes (and away from police cavalcades) as many as three times a day. ‘The Robber’ is a lean, visceral study of pathological compulsion from Austrian director Benjamin Heisenberg, featuring a riveting central performance by Andreas Lust.


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Technical Information

Production Year
Running Time
90 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Thursday, Aug 11, 2011
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm
Wednesday, Aug 10, 2011
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm
Tuesday, Aug 9, 2011
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm
Monday, Aug 8, 2011
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm
Sunday, Aug 7, 2011
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm
Saturday, Aug 6, 2011
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm
Friday, Aug 5, 2011
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm

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